Kidde 5CO 7 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm


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The Kidde 5CO 7 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm monitors for the presence of carbon monoxide and will activate when monoxide is detected.

The 5CO alarm protects against the dangers of deadly carbon monoxide levels in the home and provides continuous monitoring of CO levels.

This alarm can be installed on a wall or as a tabletop unit for added convenience. The Kidde 5CO battery operated carbon monoxide alarms are easy to install units that provide reliable protection against the dangers of carbon monoxide.

  • 7 year sensor life
  • End of life warning to replace the unit after seven years protection
  • Ideal for continuously monitoring the presence of carbon monoxide
  • Protects the home against carbon monoxide
  • Two LEDS - red for when carbon monoxide has been detected and green when DC power is present
  • Can either be mounted onto a wall or placed on a tabletop or shelf
  • Approved by BSI to EN50291-1:2010 and CE Approved