Kidde 10SCO Combination Smoke & CO Alarm


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Battery-powered combination alarm that offers protection from the dual dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide in a single unit for added convenience – the voice alarm feature audibly announces which danger has been detected.

This smart combination alarm is suitable for all living areas. Its voice warning tells you which danger has been detected by stating 'FIRE! FIRE!' or 'WARNING! CARBON MONOXIDE' together with a loud 85dB alarm.

  • Provides 10 years of continuous operation
  • Loud 85dB alarm
  • Voice Alarm feature tells you which danger has been detected even after the event
  • Peak level memory provides notification (voice and LED) when dangerous CO levels have been previously detected
  • Front loading battery compartment makes changing the battery easy and convenient
  • Hush button to temporarily silence nuisance alarms
  • Test/Reset button to allow regular testing of alarm function
  • Battery operation – 9V battery supplied as standard
  • BSI certified to EN14604:2005 (smoke)
  • BSI certified to EN50291-1:2010 (carbon monoxide)
  • CE tested and certified