Fire Angel ST-750 10 Year Thermoptek Battery Powered Smoke Alarm

Fire Angel

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The FireAngel ST-750T Thermoptek smoke alarm features a thermally enhanced optical sensor, which allows it to react quickly to all types of fire, and is fitted with a sealed Panasonic lithium battery designed to last for the full ten year life of the alarm. With its attractive red lens and large, easy to use central test and silence button, this alarm also includes FireAngel's "Sleep Easy" function which will silence the low battery chirp for 8 hours, allowing occupants to sleep undisturbed as the alarm approaches the end of its life.

Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and landings.

  • 10 year Panasonic sealed lithium battery
  • Thermoptek thermally enhanced smoke sensor
  • Smart silence - silence false alarms
  • Toast Proof - reduces nuisance alarms
  • 10 year warranty
  • Certified to BS EN14604:200
  • Suitable for BS 5839-6 Grade F installations